Pilly Studio

Pilly Studio is a Lithuanian brand producing clothes in limited runs. Our goal is to produce very limited edition apparel for stylish & unique individuals who want to be noticed on the streets. We offer pre-order system to the customers, which means product will be manufactured after a person place an order. This helps to avoid clothing waste.

Quality is a huge priority to us. All of our seamstresses had to go through an attentive sewing selection. 

In this S/S 2021 season we have focused more on the summery clothes and swimwear to wear on the beach. 

Our Team


Founder Dovile Pilvelyte @pilvelytte

Creator behind all of this is me. I am a Fashion Marketing & Promotion student at Westminster University in London. As long as I remember I've always dreamed about having my own clothing business, but this dream seamed to be reachless. I grew up in a family around seamstresses, watching my Mother, Grandmother and Cousins sewing, which made me interested into fashion from day one. At the time, producing and creating clothes seamed to be unrealistic to me, so I chose to study other parts of Fashion Industry. But year by year I have realised that I want to be the one who designs clothes. The beginning of 2021 was the year that I said to myself - "when if not now"? That's how Pilly Studio started. 

For any questions send me an email to dovile@pillystudio.com

Company Details

  • Individual activity under a business certificate executor: Dovile Pilvelyte
  • Individual activity code: 1072725
  • Telephone number: +37065436570
  • Email: dovile@pillystudio.com